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Swiftboat Veterans for Truth and Viagra: Hard Messages to Soft Audiences

Many pundits are calling the current Presidential election with too much confidence.  Politics in America is war limited to words, but it is war. And the outcome of war often turns on surprise: hitting the enemy hard from a place no one saw coming.  From the arrows at Agincourt defeating the French knights to the Scipio beating Hannibal and the Carthaginians at Zama, surprise wins.  And this fall, a surprise no one sees coming may make one of the candidates a winner.  In my view, a surprise attack on John Kerry led to his defeat in 2004.  
More than a decade ago, I was watching a TV and a commercial for Viagra came on the screen.I was not paying attention until the warning about side effects came on.Then I could not stop laughing.I called a couple of friends who were in advertising and we laughed more.
Until that moment, every drug commercial used an auctioneer for the mandatory health warning at the end of the ad.In this commercial, the side effects in the middle of the commercial i…