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Book 11 of 2016: "Underground Man" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, a chilling portrait of cowardice.

When I first believed in Christianity, I was in the Army in Germany in the 70s.The only Church was the Army Chapel system.So I read widely and listened to sermons to figure out what exactly being a Christian meant.Among the many cassettes I listened to were sermons by southern revival preachers.After hearing dozens of these sermons I began sense the rhythms and themes that these stirring speeches shared.
The best sermons began in sin, descended almost to Hell, then rose up on the wings of God’s Grace.After a while, it became clear that, although every preacher was a terrible sinner, they only committed sins that a conservative southern audience considered manly.All were fornicators, but they were fornicators with lovely, willing women.Many told stories of drug use, but more told stories of being drug dealers.If they drank, they could hold their liquor.If they fought, they won or were beaten to the point of death by several attackers.If they stole, they robbed banks and stores and drug …