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Military Privilege: The Camouflage Exception to Rules

Privilege of any kind is when you get to bend and break rules others don’t.I have enjoyed many aspects of Military Privilege since I re-enlisted in 2007.But I got the best part of this type of privilege when I returned from Iraq in 2010. I went a title and tag company with proof of my deployment and paid $20 for an Iraq Veteran license plate.Since then, the Return on Investment of this $20 has been like owning the first shares of Berkshire-Hathaway or Apple.
Until last year I worked in Philadelphia.I only occasionally drove to work, but also I regularly made trips to DC and New York in my car for business.I drive fast.In addition, rolling through thousands of stop signs and traffic lights on a bicycle leaks over into car driving some times.Did I mention that I occasionally park in the wrong place?
I am not justifying any of this.But given my inclination to make up for lateness by speeding, the Iraq Plate is like an enabler in a bad relationship.Since getting the plate I have seen a p…