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"Wrong War" Conservatives: “Patriots” Who Dodged the Draft

Just 99 years ago, this was America's view of draft dodgers. 
Many strange things make America unique in the history of the world.One of the strangest to me is that Draft Dodgers can let another man serve and maybe die in his place, and yet they can be “Patriots” later in life.And more ironic than that, they can be patriots in the conservative party.
I know a guy who is a life-long conservative, is three years older than I am, and never served in the military.He said the Vietnam War was the “Wrong War.”  (Really?  Who decides what is the "Right War?" You?) In his mind, those who have the means to avoid the war are free to do that.  So he went to college and got four deferments that got him through the effective end of the draft in 1973.  He considers himself a true conservative and a patriot and has no lingering guilt about avoiding the Vietnam War.
More importantly, he believes if it was the "Right War" he would have served.  Usually with this kind of asserti…