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Riding in 2017--A Story

“Shane, Shane is right as rain,” Shane sang to himself as he drove north on Pennsylvania Route 74 from York.He saw dark clouds to the north. He was driving Grandpap’s ’74 Chevy C10 Stepside pickup truck listening to President Trump talk about how he was going to get all the Mexicans out of the country.The old truck only had an AM radio. That was fine with Shane.Trump was on WHP-AM.Really, he was on every station now.
“Shane is right as rain,” he sang to the open windows on this April afternoon.All those Lib’ral bitches that made fun of him weren’t laughing now.Trump was Making America Great Again and Shane was part of it.He was on his way to a Klan rally in Grantham.Christians can’t be Lib’rals and they were going to march across the Messiah College campus and let them know what’s what. Shane dropped out of York Area High School.Shane knew Trump would put all those college bitches in their place.
“Here’s a Trigger Warning bitches!” he said as he patted the AR15 in the rack behind his…