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Book Report: The Complete List

It's taking so long to write about my books in 2016, I thought I would pass along the complete list by category.


A Canticle for LeibowitzMiller, Arthur M. Jr.A Pale View of HillsIshiguro, KazuoAn Artist of the Floating WorldIshiguro, KazuoFrom the Front LineGrossman, VassilyGruntRoach, MaryHero of Our TimeLermontov, MihailIliadHomerLife and FateGrossman, VassilyOdysseyHomerPeriodic Table, ThePrimo, LeviSinPrilepin, ZakharThe LoverYehoshua, A.B.The Zone: A Prison Camp Guard's StoryDovlatov, SergeiWhen We Were OrphansIshiguro, KazuoZinky BoysAlexievich, Svetlana

Elements of Style

Strunk and WhiteMastermind:  How to think like Sherlock HolmesKonnikova, MariaWillpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human StrengthBaumeister, Roy F.
Does Altruism Exist?Wilson, David Sloan
New Czar: Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin

Myers, Steven LeePrince, TheMachiavelli, NiccoloWhy I Write
Orwell, GeorgeWorld Split Apart, A

Solzhenitsyn, AlexanderME…