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One Last Haircut: World War II Vet Shares a Story After Forty Years

Elias King learned to cut hair while serving as a gunner’s mate on a destroyer in the Pacific during World War II.When I met him in 1982, he was planning to retire and sell his barbershop.After getting my hair cut a couple of times in his shop, I could not believe Elias would ever retire. In the days before talk radio, he was the local source for the true conservatives that were the core clientele of his shop.
He was loud and funny and had opinions that the John Birch Society might think were too far right.He did not think women should work outside the home unless they were widows and their families abandoned them.For Elias, the Soviet Union was the enemy, forever. America needed to stop them everywhere.
I got a hair cut there once a month just before my Army Reserve weekends.I was close to thirty years old at the time, and by age, any of the customers and barbers could have been my Dad.Elias liked me because I served during the Vietnam War, then Cold War West Germany and was a tank …